Thursday, April 3, 2014

This is what Suzy wore to her birthday. I was taken taken by her beauty when I went to her party that I made her promise to pose for me later that week. She bought the Larissa from me back in December. That crown is named after my best friend from Thunder Bay who is studying away to be a lawyer right now! I love the idea of wearing a crown on your birthday and I'm already planning what I'll wear on my own... June 8th. I was excited to discover that this is also Kanye's birthday, haha. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

I have to say, I am getting very excited for spring! This headpiece started out with bright colours, but very quickly turned into something that was entirely pink! Haha, so I just had to call it Vivien. It kind of reminds me of the colours that were in that Mildred Pierce adaptation with Kate Winslet? That miniseries was absolutely stunning. I loved all the pinks that Vera wore. I always thought that if I ever had puppies I would name them Vera and Vivien.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Here are some more photographs of The Ulyana, but don't worry, there won't be any more. I shipped it off to Brooklyn today! I took these photographs myself to attempt to capture the majesty of Toronto after the ice storm. I was incredibly hung over, and very cold, but I couldn't help it. The next day I took the train to Ottawa and it was honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The landscape looked exactly how Narnia looks in my mind!

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and special. This year I was a bit heart broken from I man on the internet that I never met. I really must learn to stop falling in love with men that are only loosely based on reality. It is so much easier for me to imagine men the way I want them to be, then to try and talk to them out in the world. I'm not sure if that is common or not, but I have a wild imagination, and it only becomes more wild when there is nothing to check it. But what is one to do but listen to Taylor Swif'ts Trouble and wait until you forget... or until I think up another magical story in my mind... 
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Well I know I said I wouldn't show anymore headpiece headshots for the next little while, but really they are what I do best. As soon as winter hits I start to try and look exactly like a Russian doll, so that is where the inspiration came from for this one. I've named it the Catalina, and it can be purchased here.
I've paired it here with the dress I bought at the salvation army for the Italian Festival in my home town last summer. The star of that festival is an Italian woman named Raphealla that moved to Thunder Bay in the 40s. She goes to the Catholic Church that I went to every (and I mean every) Sunday when I was growing up. I would always wait for her to walk in because she would come in late, wearing six inch heals, and the largest earrings you have ever seen. Even though she must be in her 70s or 80s now she still wears the most amazing outfits. She noticed me and my dress at the Italian festival and asked my mother about me so I was finally introduced to her. Even though her English is not very good, she told me I was beautiful, and I told her that she was. It was really a very special moment to me, I have always admired her courage to dress how she wanted to in really a very conservative and utilitarian small town in northern Canada. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Blog has been a bit quiet lately, I've just been so busy making headpieces for different Christmas craft sales. So unfortunately all I have to share are head shots. This piece is one of my absolute favourite things I have ever made. Once I put it on it immediately reminded me of Ulyana Sergeenko, so I have named it after her. 
In other news, has anyone else seen this editorial from Vogue Japan's December Issue? Well I'm obsessed anyway. This is exactly what I aspire to look like whenever it get's cold outside! But enough chit chat, I must get back to hand stitchin'. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Grandfather passed away a few years ago, but he left behind his collection of beautiful books, papers, and objects. All these things remind me of him, and I am glad to have inherited so many of them. One of my favourite things of his my mother gave to me only a few months ago. It is an old catalog from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo from the 1950 season that he must have gone to see on one of his trips to the states. Anyway, the photographs of the ballerina's are amazing so I just had to do something special with them. I decided to try and use photoshop to make collages so that I didn't have to ruin the original images. I like how they turned out, but I'm hoping that my skills will improve so I can make more complicated ones in the future. Many of the ballerina's in this catalog are already wearing headpieces, but I couldn't resist putting my own on them.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

As I've mentioned earlier, I've been spending a lot of time at farmers markets lately. The vegetables have so so delicious, and there's always amazing prepared food that you can eat while you're shopping! My favourite farmers market in Toronto is the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market, on Thursdays from 3 until 7! Anyway, the headpiece I'm wearing is the Magdalena and can be purchased here. I hope everyone has a good week, and if you're Canadian, I hope you're as excited about Thanksgiving as I am. One week to go!